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Within the various clan listing, you will find occasional highlighted names. These are links to the listing for the clan of that person.

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        Monday Morris Reid  Stewart   Summerlin 

There is NO restriction on use of the material in the Home Page of the Clans section.

Copy and use it as you wish.

Note: If you want to add to this compilation or correct an error in it, please email to: It will help if you write "Family" in the subject line.

I will make every effort to include the material and/or fix the problem. This is NOT a full genealogy source. It IS enough to get someone started who wants to search more. Much of the  Beatty, Camp, and Summerlin families has already been compiled and published elsewhere.

The following examples will illustrate how to read the coding. A text is time-consuming both to write and to read. Coding is consistent and quick....      

The coding:

John Thad Waters b. 3 Mar 1875 Tioga LA d. 15 Dec 1932  2:30PM  Alexandria, Louisiana [Eternity Garden Calhoun LA] 1=  7 Jun 1904 Denver CO to: Joanna Drum  b ?  d 12 Apr 1944 [Eternity Garden Calhoun LA]

        1=+1 Drew Benjamin Waters

       1=+2 Mary Epstein Waters b. 12 Dec 1923 Eniac OK d. >  1945 1= to:

Drew Benjamin Waters b. 5 Dec 1905 Fort Gibson CO d. 12 Mar 1962 Dallas TX [Dallas] 1= 9 Jun 1926 Ada OK to: Mary Scott Pipes b. 21 Oct 1907 Ada OK d. 14 April 1960 [Dallas]

The text:  

John Thad Waters was born on March 3, 1875 at Tioga Louisiana. He died on the fifteenth of December in 1932 at 2:30 PM in Alexandria, Louisiana He is buried in the Eternity Garden cemetery in Calhoun Louisiana. His first marriage was on the Jun 7, 1904 in Denver Colorado to Joanna Drum whose birth date is not known. She died April 12, 1944  in London England (She was an army nurse in WWII) [Eternity Garden Calhoun Louisiana.


John and Joanna's first child was Drew Benjamin Waters. The underlining indicates that he will be continued in this line. Their second child was Mary Epstein Waters (Where available, information may be included in a child who is not entered in this line. A highlighted name indicates a link to that name.

Drew Benjamin's line is continued in the Waters line.

Please note!!!! This is in development. It can be a source of enjoyment for all members of these clans. So, please help if you can. Send names, their dates of birth and death if known. And where, whom and did they marry. if this gets big enough, it will no doubt require its on web page. My son has promised to keep this going and then pass it to someone who will take an interest in all this. JGC

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