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         Using Covenwood

                The viewer of this website may make use of this material for illustration, sharing,  reproducing, teaching, and other personal use.  There are only two conditions:

                 1.  The  author/artist/composer must receive credit for the creation of the extract. The exception would be use of a small fragment of the extraction. A fragment would be less than a paragraph.

                 2.  No commercial use is allowed without written permission.  If you want to profit, then contact me at:  EXCEPTION: The material in the "Clans" (genealogy) may be used without any restriction. Any other exceptions will be noted within the website.

I will use " not determined"  to indicate material that is (1) in public domain, (2) copyright not registered,
or (3) government material that is in the public domain.          

All other selections are copyrighted and registered and used here by permission. The source code, itself, is copyrighted as noted in the site. Any selection that you use (except for short quoted material) must carry the copyright symbol, date, and name of the author, artist, or composer. A guest contributor is obligated to agree to this statement.

            I am Jon G. Camp.  You will find two main types of writing in this website.  One will be the art expressions, poetry, ceramic art, short stories, etc.  The other will be editorial or opinion in nature. By that I mean they are based on a lifetime of work, study and observation.  You should not look for a lot of somber academic references.  I did not write them down.  They exist (and I  know how to write them) but you will have to look for yourself. My personal opinions will be obvious.