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CampJG        Journey to Petra

     "            Hundred Dollar Pot

     "                          Bean Pot jj

     "                               A Lamp

     "                     Organic Stein

     "                            A Tea Pot

     "                            Blue-Bird

DarnellJE                          Raku



Graphic Media  Click

CampJT       Electric Sea Slug

TrigosM               The Dancers

    "                      Early Leaves

    "                         Old Woman

    "                                   Faces

WardCK               Moon Space





Written Media  Click

WardCK             A poem 19??


The section contains expressions by various artists. I refer to art that come from within the creator, commonly referred to as an "artist." The realization of those expressions result in art objects such as painting, sculptor, clay, words, etc. All living things have the need to express themselves. When the work tries to reach a deeper point in the artist and/or the observer, then we call it "art." I suppose the debate will continue whether an accidental creation could be truly perceived as art by an observer. Clouds and forests do that for me, but they likely are NOT accidents.     Top O Page

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