The Whole 9 Yards  & The Potpourri

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." H. S. Truman, a famous piano player from Missouri. (He also lived in the White House for a few years.)

I mention the above quote as a guide for you to use while reading these words of wisdom, wit, and woeful lamentations. Enjoy, but please remain calm.  They are taken from a lifetime of experience and recollection.  I do not always recollect exactly right, but I always try to be accurate.  If I know the source, I will note it.  If not, I won't. Then, you will have to figure out if it's mine or someone else's.  All of this section is copyrighted and is available under the terms as mentioned elsewhere in this site. jc

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The Whole 9 Yards

The World's First Motor Home: See it to believe it.

The Great Carlsbad Bat Shoot:     An opportunity for gun lovers who can hit small targets.


The Potpourri: A companion to
The Whole 9 Yards.

An Exercise for Senior Citizens.

Birds You May Meet: I see them all the time.

Chicken Crossings: A compilation of my nuttiness and others.

Oxymorons  A growing selection.

Palindromes... for fun and study.

These, I Know:  When you know, and know that you know, you're in just about the best position you can be in. None of  the other combinations make it. Of course, there is probably nothing that you know, that you don't know that you know. You get the point?

What They Said: A collection of things I have heard.